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How Many Dollars per Ounce does it Cost to Lighten Your Pack?

Tight on cash but still want to reduce your pack weight? Me too. Most ask where in their pack they can reduce the most weight the quickest. I’ve had to calculated where I can reduce it the cheapest. Disclaimer: I … Continue reading

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Training Hike 3: Reasons to hike when it rains

US had just got robbed in the Slovenia game, I was drunk, it was 130am, and I had to be up in 4 hours to catch the train. “Hiking in the rain will be nice…I can try the umbrella…” I … Continue reading

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Training hike 2: Kamakura Trail Run

Temples, shrines, jungly hills, ocean views, and a (relatively) quiet beach: all make for a great 10k training run. After passing a couple old temples crowed with tourists, the run began with a hundred or so meters of vertical climb, … Continue reading

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Strategic Planning

Problem: Get really excited about something, think a lot about it for three weeks, don’t do it. Theory: The internet provides  by an ample number of blogs, and then some, that deal with fixing this very common problem. Seth Godin’s … Continue reading

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Training Hike 1

The first hike since I decided on The Journey. Went out with 4 friends and the lady friend to Mitake and Odake, in the far corner of Tokyo Prefecture. Great temp, but clouds kept us from views of the city … Continue reading

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The Importance of Why

“Why?” is cliche.  It has scared people. Scared people so much we over use it and never answer it to the point of meaninglessness. A particularly terrible cultural inheritance. From giving unforgettable power point presentations to reflecting on your own life, it’s … Continue reading

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Gimme Shelter

I’ve got the pack. The bag is good enough. I made the stove. Runners? Check. But where to sleep…. Constraints on the choice: Yari-ga-take campsite: exposed ridge at over 3000m, lots of wind. Camping below 500m, in the woods, near roads, … Continue reading

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Shelter and Personality

From the beginning I decided to aspire to lightweight on my hike.  Besides the practical benefits, ‘going lightweight’ says something about me. I’ll leave what up to you. As I sort through my shelter options I now find myself entertaining all sorts … Continue reading

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