Shelter and Personality

From the beginning I decided to aspire to lightweight on my hike.  Besides the practical benefits, ‘going lightweight’ says something about me. I’ll leave what up to you.

As I sort through my shelter options I now find myself entertaining all sorts of questions about thekind of person I am, as indicated by gear selections.

Am I a true wilderness man who needs nothing more than a bivy?

Or am I someone who needs the crutch of a tent to shelter me from nature and her assaults?

A bit of a false dichotomy.  I had expected that introspection on how I am impossibly tied up in projecting a false image of myself would begin  in earnest on the trail; I was not expecting it to confound me while picking out a sleep system.

Just like the brands I buy and the neighborhood I choose live in, how I camp makes a statement. As much as ultralight hikers like to pretend to be above the judgement laden world, packweight has become a pretty sexy word.

Oddly, for me, it is difficult to make a decision ‘just because.’ Everything is wrapped up in who I want to believe myself to be.


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