The Importance of Why

“Why?” is cliche.  It has scared people. Scared people so much we over use it and never answer it to the point of meaninglessness. A particularly terrible cultural inheritance.

From giving unforgettable power point presentations to reflecting on your own life, it’s the question.

At first, thinking about adventures, I needed a why: I needed a justification. I needed a reason. I needed a purpose. But I was fabricating the adventure for the sake of finding justification, reason, and purpose.

This time, The Journey (coast-coast, all 3000m, light-weight) was the why. That made all the difference.

I was talking with Paul the Red-Headed Priest (of HT) about Priesting and God. I argued that God is an assumption. He said we need a third-party to give our morality and lives meaning. Not so different.

The Journey is that third-party. While it lasts. It provides a metric by which I can judge myself and the world. It provides an axis from which things can be measured. It’s “the highway (that) sets the travelers stage.”

I’m sure you can think of lots of meaningful metaphors.

The incredible Andrew Skura is open about his arbitrary, but important, why on his 4,700 mile Alaska loop: pushing his own boundaries. It isn’t noble. It isn’t global. It isn’t spiritual. It’s authentic.

Our existences are ultimately self justifying. The metric is self-imposed. Gods, for all their majesty, are taken by faith. And that’s the boldness of it. The boldness to declare “this matters!” And then finally start changing yourself.


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  1. hamilton says:

    One more on the topic from a different angle.

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