Training Hike 1

The first hike since I decided on The Journey.

Went out with 4 friends and the lady friend to Mitake and Odake, in the far corner of Tokyo Prefecture. Great temp, but clouds kept us from views of the city and Mt. Fuji. Made good time while making good conversation on the way up and long way down. Wasn’t breathing too hard.

Esbit tablets in an impromptu stove (bottom of the penny-stove since I forgot the alcohol at home) did not impress my friends. Maybe it was the one tablet at a time, or the pot being too far away from the flame. And then watching the pot. And you know what they say about watched pots. I looked a bit loony with a bunch of cut up aluminium cans and flammable tablets, scraping away at my fire steel fanatically.

Most heartening that I am still excited about light weight hiking in those conditions. Now we’ll see how I take weather…

15k, 400m or so vertical, great bento made by and consumed with the lady friend, hot springs, lots of good company. A great way to open the hiking season!


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