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Storm Before the Calm: Heading Out in Less than a Week

Like the two weeks before any big hike, these have been crazy. Without artistry or brevity, here is what’s been happening to make the big hike happen: Accomplished: Canyoning trip in Hakuba. Absolutely necessary to prepare for any big hike. Pictures may be … Continue reading

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Is Loving Lightweight Hiking/MYoG Genetic?

Steven Horner’s excellent reflection on how his “parents are the reason [he] started walking and camping in the first place” encouraged me to share my father’s reaction to my post on making my own bivy from Tyvek. You are truly … Continue reading

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What’s Cheaper, Lighter and More Breathable than an E-Bivy? My MYoG Tyvek Bivy

As I’ve noted before, becoming a light-weight hiker can be a rather expensive process (and a lengthy one if you want something from MLD). I am on a budget and a schedule, so I’ve had to be a bit creative. After … Continue reading

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Is it Ironic that the Internet is Where I Learned how to Hike?

I’m used to being a bit of a freak show. Or maybe I flatter myself. But, I have two strange names, I’m a bit short, and I have a wee pot belly. It’s covered in hair. And backpacking, it was … Continue reading

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Do You Need Permission to Enjoy Nature?

We were naked in the out door bath after a great hike in Hokkaido (hike pictures).  The hot spring was on the shore of an enormous and ancient crater lake overlooked by our goal, now completed: There is something very masculine about looking … Continue reading

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