Is Loving Lightweight Hiking/MYoG Genetic?

Steven Horner’s excellent reflection on how his “parents are the reason [he] started walking and camping in the first place” encouraged me to share my father’s reaction to my post on making my own bivy from Tyvek.

You are truly your father’s son. I read some of your blog I’ll read more later. (…) Did I tell you about the time I camped in Pamplona for San Fermen and made my tent out of an army surplus rain poncho. ( luckily it only rained a little).

Or more recently ( last fall ) went backpacking on Mt. Hood and fashioned my sleeping accommodations out of an orange plastic tube tent ($ 5) and a box of Staples binder clips ( Binder clips were free).

I have only ever car camped with my dad and had no idea about this inclination of his, maybe it came to me genetically…Moreover, what a unexpected and cool thing to find out from your dad reading your blog.

Have you learned any surprising facts about your family from blogging? What’s the greatest lightweight hiking or MYoG tip you’ve learned from your family?


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One Response to Is Loving Lightweight Hiking/MYoG Genetic?

  1. Mami says:

    Oh, that’s very sweet – about your father. No chance my parents will read my blog as they don’t read English at all. They don’t know that I’m blogging either, even my friends don’t. My blog is more a note to self, just to keep track of what I’ve been doing for myself. But someday, maybe I’ll show it to my parents.

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