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Is it Ironic that the Internet is Where I Learned how to Hike?

I’m used to being a bit of a freak show. Or maybe I flatter myself. But, I have two strange names, I’m a bit short, and I have a wee pot belly. It’s covered in hair. And backpacking, it was … Continue reading

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Do You Need Permission to Enjoy Nature?

We were naked in the out door bath after a great hike in Hokkaido (hike pictures).  The hot spring was on the shore of an enormous and ancient crater lake overlooked by our goal, now completed: There is something very masculine about looking … Continue reading

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The Importance of Why

“Why?” is cliche.  It has scared people. Scared people so much we over use it and never answer it to the point of meaninglessness. A particularly terrible cultural inheritance. From giving unforgettable power point presentations to reflecting on your own life, it’s … Continue reading

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Shelter and Personality

From the beginning I decided to aspire to lightweight on my hike.  Besides the practical benefits, ‘going lightweight’ says something about me. I’ll leave what up to you. As I sort through my shelter options I now find myself entertaining all sorts … Continue reading

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I’ve often day dreamed about long walks in Japan. Kyushu to Hokkaido, the 88 Temples of Shikoku, etc etc.  But, I’ve also hoped they would solve my spiritual issues, give me the ‘crazy’ experience that all good youth need, etc … Continue reading

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