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On the road!

First off, I must apologize for the lack of substantive pre-departure updates. Suffice to say, Ive learned a lot about packing and planning for a month long hike with 4 postal resupplies! Second, I must publicly thank my Lady Friend … Continue reading

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Storm Before the Calm: Heading Out in Less than a Week

Like the two weeks before any big hike, these have been crazy. Without artistry or brevity, here is what’s been happening to make the big hike happen: Accomplished: Canyoning trip in Hakuba. Absolutely necessary to prepare for any big hike. Pictures may be … Continue reading

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Is Loving Lightweight Hiking/MYoG Genetic?

Steven Horner’s excellent reflection on how his “parents are the reason [he] started walking and camping in the first place” encouraged me to share my father’s reaction to my post on making my own bivy from Tyvek. You are truly … Continue reading

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What’s Cheaper, Lighter and More Breathable than an E-Bivy? My MYoG Tyvek Bivy

As I’ve noted before, becoming a light-weight hiker can be a rather expensive process (and a lengthy one if you want something from MLD). I am on a budget and a schedule, so I’ve had to be a bit creative. After … Continue reading

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Is it Ironic that the Internet is Where I Learned how to Hike?

I’m used to being a bit of a freak show. Or maybe I flatter myself. But, I have two strange names, I’m a bit short, and I have a wee pot belly. It’s covered in hair. And backpacking, it was … Continue reading

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Do You Need Permission to Enjoy Nature?

We were naked in the out door bath after a great hike in Hokkaido (hike pictures).  The hot spring was on the shore of an enormous and ancient crater lake overlooked by our goal, now completed: There is something very masculine about looking … Continue reading

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How Many Dollars per Ounce does it Cost to Lighten Your Pack?

Tight on cash but still want to reduce your pack weight? Me too. Most ask where in their pack they can reduce the most weight the quickest. I’ve had to calculated where I can reduce it the cheapest. Disclaimer: I … Continue reading

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Training Hike 3: Reasons to hike when it rains

US had just got robbed in the Slovenia game, I was drunk, it was 130am, and I had to be up in 4 hours to catch the train. “Hiking in the rain will be nice…I can try the umbrella…” I … Continue reading

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Training hike 2: Kamakura Trail Run

Temples, shrines, jungly hills, ocean views, and a (relatively) quiet beach: all make for a great 10k training run. After passing a couple old temples crowed with tourists, the run began with a hundred or so meters of vertical climb, … Continue reading

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Strategic Planning

Problem: Get really excited about something, think a lot about it for three weeks, don’t do it. Theory: The internet provides  by an ample number of blogs, and then some, that deal with fixing this very common problem. Seth Godin’s … Continue reading

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